German court allows Tesla to continue clearing land to build its factory

German court allows Tesla to continue clearing land to build its factory

German court overruled local climate activists’ appeal and allowed Tesla to clear trees in 224 acres of a forest to build a car and battery factory in the outskirts of Berlin. The court has said that its decision is final. Tesla has promised to address the environmental impact by planting trees in three times the area that was being cleared.

Gradient Flow
Gradient Flow 3 months

Yay, let's deforest more of the planet so we can make a ton of money selling products to virtue-signalers.

Rational 3 months

This good for the environment how? Great nowhere to be found..

John W
John W 3 months

why build in Germany? Germany is on its way out. how many Muslim theocratic states build cars? they are too busy keeping women from driving them, to think about building any actual cars.

Z D 3 months

Surely there was an existing built up industrial area that could have been repurposed, instead of cutting down more forest?

El 3 months

"Forest" they call a replanted park. There are no more "forest" in central Europe. They kill them all.

Craig 3 months

oxymoronic isn't it Mr Green? clearing a forest for Green company???

Craig 3 months

Why a forest, Mr. Musk? aren't there hundreds of millions of square miles of this planet that are bare already??

Sirax 3 months

to all the ppl hatin on elon tearin some trees down. he donated to have a million planted. im sure a couple hundred/thousand is only a drop in a bucket. besides, sea algae do more for our environment than trees.

Sir_Kutz 3 months


LetsBeReasonable 3 months

There isn't even a link to the article yet these people are shooting off like reading a headline means something. lol

Jack 3 months

The consequences of his actions are minimal in his mind since he essentially has no sense of human relativity in his life, and never has. Most insanely rich people aren’t too thoughtful; or at least are incredibly idiosyncratic in what they think is and isnt. His cars are pretty awesome though.

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