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Study reveals bots were employed to amplify climate denial messages

Study reveals bots were employed to amplify climate denial messages

A study by Brown University has found that bots were prevalent in the amplification of the US president’s climate denial messages. Researchers found bot based amplification between 25% and 38% for topics related to climate change science.

Cross1ve 6 months

"The tweets were sorted into topic category, with an Indiana University tool called Botometer used to estimate the probability the user behind the tweet is a bot." Estimation huh, that's some quality proof there =_=

Scorpio 6 months

And the other 75% are from NPC's

Scott in FLorida
Scott in FLorida 6 months

The paper—which hasn’t yet been peer-reviewed or published yet

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 6 months

In an unexpected twist, the study claiming that bots are generating climate denial tweets has been found to have been generated by a bot.

America 6 months

The three quarters are shitter posts.

Rocky 6 months

The article states they don't know who is or is not a "bot". All they could do is search the individual comments and using a (in my opinion shit) algorithm to determine the likelihood that an account was a "bot". They have the same type of algorithms online for users to search individual account for the purpose of finding out if it's a bot. These sites are incorrect in their assessment far more than half of the time. What these more often do is look for common facts or links posted then using those factors places you on the list as a bot. This is so laughably unscientific I'm not surprised it's being used by the climate alarm conspiracy theorists.

Sean Christopher
Sean Christopher 6 months

This is an excuse for everything now when it comes to the left agenda. Bots did this bots did that.

Barry 6 months

it turns out the whole internet is just bots

El 6 months

The same gangsters that denied poisoning by leaded gasoline for 60 years are behind. "It's a hoax" they say. But science is not politics, try with a thermometer for some years and see for your self.

FirstCensorshipThenJail 6 months

Communist always looking for a way to get you to pay them money so that they can make cannibalism great again. If you want to know just what garbage the Global warming/cooling, CO2, we are all gonna die in 12 years, Greta Doomberg, nonsense is start by looking up the John Cook fraudster / Catblooger the man that manufactured a cause to fund communism. Marx had his boogie man the bourgeoisie, the modern death cult members of communism have energy companies and western civilization. Remember folks: "Communists never fix the problem they simply fix the blame and manufacture the problem. Because problems for communists are a fundraising opportunity and a political stage." Marx's whole business model for his media empire was simply Rage Bait + Mobs = Money. His dielectric that he used was Identify + Contradict = Eliminate the Middle. It is all horse shit meant to amplify anger, hate and delusion. So that a few parasites, maladjusted psychopaths, can control an army of maladptive sociopath, to blindly destroy Western civilization and return us to the stone age. Get informed Don't let slick marketing campaigns and Branding by communists shape your views. Remember the communist's motivation is not about fixing problems it is about fixing blame to perpetuate their Rage Bait, Mob and Money business model. The carbon tax is not a solution to any real problems but simply a way to continue the revolution to destroy modernity and Western society. Remember Communists do not fix problems they fix blame. Communists do not want solutions to problems they want problems. Problems gives them a reason to exist, to fundraise and protest. Solutions to communists are always the same. More power to fewer hands (centralization to an anointed class), censorship and elimination of free speech, with ever-higher taxes.

AntiBS 6 months

Yeah right. Funny that there's no link to any solid information justifying these claims. The truth is that most of the "bots" are coming from the left-wing retards including the zombies working at places like Facecrap, Communist News Network and other such propaganda machines.

Given Name 123
Given Name 123 6 months

Still believe climate change is real?

John W
John W 6 months

OMG Russian bots! run for the hills.

Pj 6 months

the fact that people believe that the earth naturally has seasons like the ice age and a heating period, but dont take that in consideration is mind blowing to me.

not the 1%
not the 1% 6 months

Climate change will be beautiful These bots are the MOST perfect bots I have ever created! The most perfect beautiful bots ever My intelligence is Exquisite, beautifully exquisite

Redscorpion8 6 months

the study is from brown u 🙄🙄

Black Propaganda
Black Propaganda 6 months

LOL everybody is a bot when you disagree with them these days. Amirite?!?

Mandraquex3000 6 months

and bots are also used in amplification of climate extremist messages

Cary Brown
Cary Brown 6 months

Bah! What on earth is "denialism", do they mean when scientists disagree? That happens all the time in science, especially with very complex issues.

Jeff 6 months

How many were used to "amplify" climate change lies? Or is this simply an attack "study"?

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