Syracuse University raises suspension from student protesters

Syracuse University raises suspension from student protesters

Kent Syverud, the Chancellor of Syracuse University announced the lifting of suspensions that were levied on 30 student protesters. This has reportedly been done to allow the university to ’step back from the edge’, and properly address the issues relating to racist graffiti in the university campus.

porcus 1 months

I call bullshit. The only racism on the rise is anti-white racism.

Edward Williams
Edward Williams 1 months

Anti-white racism? Yes.

Robert 1 months

"punishment for bystanders to racism" The fuck?

Seekster 1 months

No it's just that everything can be seen as racist by snowflakes.

Alex Almeida
Alex Almeida 1 months

Gradient Flow
Gradient Flow 1 months

Here's the list of incidents: Should these turn out to be real instead of faked, the similarities suggest this is limited to a few individuals. Private university, so I doubt the full details about the incident will every be released or FOIA'd.

Bulwark AC
Bulwark AC 1 months

The problem is they have widened the definition so much that a "perceived" slight will be reported.

Darknimbus3 1 months

No. What there really is is a rise in “political correctness”.

D. 1 months

Who's triggering whom here?

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