Drug dealer says keys to $56M in BTC is lost

Drug dealer says keys to $56M in BTC is lost

An Irish drug dealer has claimed that robbers took the keys to the $56 million in Bitcoin (BTC). The Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) had confiscated 12 accounts of Clifton Collins holding the BTC with each holding 500 BTC, but cannot access the accounts as the codes were allegedly stolen. Clifton Collins is convicted of selling marijuana and using the proceeds to buy Bitcoin.

Akira6968 3 months

I hate drugs, but I hate authorities profiting from confiscating ppl's shit too. Overall, nice.

SomeGuyWhoDoesThings 3 months

Honestly, it’s sounds to me like he memorized they keys and is just playing stupid...

Up 3 months

This is actually pretty funny. 😂

Sirax 3 months

it'll show up in the jail toilet in a day

Peter 3 months

The police sound more interested in the money than they do stopping the crime..

Canadian Thought
Canadian Thought 3 months

Lol. If they dont have the keys, they actually haven't confiscated anything. Smart bad guy, will cash them in after he is let go. I bet he uses a mnemonic.

michael zubas
michael zubas 3 months

OOF! losing your regular Keys is one thing.. losing your Cryto Keys? that's A hogwash.

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