Harry and Meghan Markle to stop using ’royal’ for their brand

Harry and Meghan Markle to stop using ’royal’ for their brand

Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, will not use their ’Sussex Royal’ brand post spring of 2020. The pair had earlier intended to use it for their charity foundation. The couple will officially begin their new lives away from the royal family on March 31.

Paul C
Paul C 0 months

And in other news, a mouse farted.

neo the one
neo the one 0 months

now there looking for a Malibu house...I'll be honest, that girl must be a fucken pro in the sheets, cause shes got harry doing whatever the fuck she wants...but i thought they were moving to canada because orange man bad syndrome...they must of realized canada is freezing most of the year and said f that..but please go away...my state doesnt need anymore soy boys and social justice warrior hypocrites

VaasDC 0 months

you have no choice but to let go of the brand you left you muppets.

Given Name 123
Given Name 123 0 months

Now also stop using taxpayers monies for your lifestyle.

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