France begins to decommission its oldest nuclear plant in Fessenheim

France begins to decommission its oldest nuclear plant in Fessenheim

France has promised to shut 14 of its 58 nuclear reactors and cap the amount of electricity it derives from nuclear power at 50% by 2035. France is more reliant on nuclear energy than any other country, yielding 70% of its electricity from nuclear plants. Macron is encouraging an increase in wind and solar power, but there remain concerns that France’s reliance on natural gas will increase.

Louis S
Louis S
Idiot Prole
Idiot Prole 2 months

Reduce nuclear dependence? Why? So they can burn more coal, release more carbon and pay more for power like Germany did? Greenies will never be happy until we're all living off the land again. Remember the occupy movement who were GIVEN a farm to live on so they could grow their own in line with their own principles? They found it was too much like hard work and left. They want the luxury of modern life but they also want us to stop producing electricity using nuclear or hydrocarbons. Which kinda puts us where "The Walking Dead" live in terms of tech, medicine, etc.

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 2 months

France is building 3 new nuclear reactors.

S-S’SB 2 months

Nuclear=good is by no means a taken-for-granted idea in France. It must be understood that the reactors must be up to standard and must be renovated in the same way as countries that continue and promote nuclear power. France has once again chosen populism but a new kind of populism, it is green, it is fierce and has no use for your race or religion. It does not care about you because you are a “ living menace” for the planet, it thinks of you as a supercilious object that must not exist. Its name: ecology.

Invisible “O” King
Invisible “O” King 2 months

what idiots though it would be smart to decrease energy obtained from nuclear power plants. just gonna make their lives harder, and possibly make them more dependent on pollutive energy generation.

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