Dick Van Dyke endorses Sanders, calls for support from older voters

Dick Van Dyke endorses Sanders, calls for support from older voters

Comedian and actor Dick Van Dyke on Friday endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders, even urging older voters to back the Vermont lawmaker. ’Why wouldn’t an older citizen vote for somebody with that kind of a record and with that kind of experience and honesty and trust?’, Van Dyke, 94, said in a video. Van Dyke also backed Sanders in 2016 because of his consistency in his policies over the years.

Rocky 1 months

Not going to happen. Those over 65 (already turn out to vote in large percentages), but lived during the cold war and saw the destruction that communism brings. They have consistently polled in the single digits for support of a communist candidate.

Blaeingr 1 months

He's still alive?!? Wow! Even so it seems he has experienced severe cognitive decline or maybe Bernie promised him free Depends🤔🥴🤣

Paul C
Paul C 1 months

Wow, either Dick Van Dyke's cheese has slid off the cracker or he's a Russian asset! Or his sense of humor has taken a very unfunny turn in his dotage.

graymanA51 1 months

tbh I don't care who he supports. why should I give two shits? just because he's famous?

Got Truth
Got Truth 1 months

That’s one way to burn your legacy to the ground.

Correspondent in Virginia
Correspondent in Virginia 1 months

Coincidentally, 4 years of Sanders would be the end of democracy as well

Avi Khait
Avi Khait 1 months

Comedians for Commies.

Innerparty 1 months

I'm 62. I voted for Trump in 2016 and will again, later this year.

cherifleury 1 months

Most footage I've seen of Breadline Bernie "rallies" look more like bingo night at the old folks home, so...

Up 1 months

I love that its always wealthy old people with no income who live in gated communities that always support Bernie.

Mr. Doc
Mr. Doc 1 months

Diagnosis? Insanity.

Diehard 270
Diehard 270 1 months

That’s too bad, I really liked him until I found out he’s a communist

JanitorJez Mean Badger
JanitorJez Mean Badger 1 months

He is 94! What a legend. I wonder if he can still dance like he did at the rally four years ago.

JerryBulletSponge 1 months

Calling all boomers

John 1 months

GOP and Trump supporters truly don't like anybody. They're self loathing miserable people who never have a positive thing to say about anyone or anything. Oh apart from 3 things 1. The great unhonerable, Un amusing, never smiling no sense of humour IMPOTUS. 2 The Economy. 3. A Wall. Tells you all you need to know about them.

IvoryDove 1 months

Tripping over an ottoman once again.

T3hGladiator 1 months

Every Van Dyke I've ever met has been a dick.

No Signal
No Signal 1 months

I always knew he was a dick.

Jay 1 months

You’re first name SAYS it all!

Carol 1 months

I like Bernie; Trump is for people w/o common sense! Or for the GREEDY!

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