A follower of disgraced priest Thomas Philippe and his deviant sexual practices

A follower of disgraced priest Thomas Philippe and his deviant sexual practices

L’Arche International published the results Saturday of an independent investigation detailing sexual misconduct by its founder Jean Vanier with six women in the context of spiritual direction. The report found that none of the abused women were intellectually disabled. Vanier a member of a small group which participated in deviant sexual practices.

Crimson Jester
Crimson Jester
a commoner
a commoner 2 months

This breaks my heart. Why does it seem like nobody can do good things and not have a rotten core?

Crimson Jester
Crimson Jester 2 months

A Catholic news source on this story. https://m.ncregister.com/63742/d

IvoryDove 2 months

There's a thing in psychology called "transference" where a person gets strong emotional and often, romantic attraction to their counselor. In a religious setting where a priest, pastor or rabbi is offering counsel to a woman, it's not uncommon either. These men know it's there and should be setting up a system to avoid it, some some are rotten scoundrels who use the opportunity. It's not a religion thing. It's a human thing.

JanitorJez Darkest Winter
JanitorJez Darkest Winter 2 months

Christians love a bit of the old rumpy-pumpy, don't they?

Crimson Jester
Crimson Jester 2 months

He was a follower of the disgraced Dominican scholar Fr. Thomas Philippe. A known Heretic who died in 2014. It seems the "good they were doing" was only being done to further their sexual escapades.

Dave 2 months

Suddenly it reeks of hypocrisy in here. Oh if it isn't the Catholic church and what's this? No little Timmy glued to your crotch. Progress.

mantico 2 months

Sounds about right

Joe 2 months

He didn't forcibly rape them, and the article doesn't say that he was their boss, so what I'm seeing is that he "manipulated" these women into having sex. Don't women manipulate men all the time to get what they want? The knife cuts both ways.

Mutatis 2 months

“The alleged victims felt deprived of their free will and so the sexual activity was coerced or took place under coercive conditions” I wish they would actually give relevant details, instead of this generic statement that tells you nothing.

Commodore 2 months

Hypochristian Evilgelicals

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