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Israel declares state of emergency after violent clashes in Lod

Israel declares state of emergency after violent clashes in Lod

Israeli PM Netanyahu declared a state of emergency in the city of Lod, just south of Tel Aviv Tuesday night. Arab and Jewish communities clashed in violent riots following the aggressive exchange between Israeli forces and Palestinian militants since Monday. Images of cars, shops and synagogues ablaze were posted to social media, prompting Lod Mayor to request Netanyahu’s assistance.

NPCHunter 1 months

Unsurprising that this is happening. Hamas has fired hundreds or rockets over the past couple of days; not at military bases, not at strategic targets; just towards Isreal’s cities, their civilian centres. This inevitably drives tensions on the ground from both sides. Particularly it emboldens those that support Hamas’ genocidal agenda. Pre-empting those who will say “yeah but more Palestinian children have been killed”... Remember that the only reason that there are not hundreds or even thousands or Israeli casualties is because they invested in an effective anti-rocket system that shoot most (but definitely not all!) out of the sky. Also be aware that many rockets fired from Gaza, land in Gaza which adds to the Palestinian casualties.

eclipseNF 1 months

Free Palestine

jay 1 months

We - the United States - need to stop tiptoeing through the tulips with these people. NEITHER side is in the right, and both sides have been aggrieved. Palestinians are right to feel wronged by the manner in which their land (which they or their descendents won by way of conquest) was taken from them by people (the French and British) who had no right to it. By annexing Palestine, those two countries thrust Judaism over Islam, based on nothing more than a historically religious claim to the land. Israelis have been wronged by the very same process - a process that gave them land, but created an environment of animosity and resentment towards the Jewish people throughout the entire Arab world. From the Palestinian point of view - if the government annexed my family's home and gave it to my neighbor, of course I'd fight to reclaim it. From the Israeli point of view - of course I'd fight to protect something that I considered to be mine by right. The problem here is that religion has been factored in, and I'm sorry, but none of us have empirical evidence that ANY of the three major religions are correct, so to parcel out land, based on a religious claim was absurd. Of course Jewish refugees deserved a place to live and thrive, but it doesn't have to be at the expense of other people. As the defacto protector of the region, the US should be obligated to take a hard stance on this. Either occupy the county and force peace, or completely stand down and let the two sides eradicate each other. The longer we ride the fence, the worse the conflict will get, and I - for one - don't want to suffer the fallout of WWIII because a bunch of people are arguing over an 8,000 square mile (roughly the size of New Jersey) patch of sand.

Martin 1 months

Why don't jews form their own state in the United states instead of the middle east? Since they are such great ''allies''? They wouldn't be surrounded by muslims or have to travel thousands of miles with their dual citizenship.

Shmule 1 months

To those who call Israel apartheid, do you acknowledge Israel's right to exist? If not, you support their annihilation. That is like the wolf claiming to be the sheep's victim because the sheep resíst being eaten.

Glen 1 months

Don't worry libs, Bidens got it all under control. Right?

Tech Leprechaun
Tech Leprechaun 1 months

Riots and burning in Israel: international news Riots and burning in US: peaceful protests

Phoenix 1 months

The religion of mostly peace strikes again.

Brandon 1 months

Get out the popcorn folks and watch the middle east burn this is just keep going on for a long time.

Aaron 1 months

Vote Biden Harris ! Vote left!

Trevor 1 months

This was unfortunately expected with the prior exchange. That place is going to be in turmoil for awhile. Muslims are going to need to take a look at the hand they were dealed and try to back off. The ones inside Israel don't stand a chance in a straight up fight. I really don't have a problem with nationalism and Israel coulda made their country home to only Jews if they didn't start annexing land near Muslim communities and take over Jerusalem. Now Muslims are spread throughout their whole country. The upcoming months are going to take a lot of lives. Both Muslim and Jew. Hopefully riots is as far as it goes.

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