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Sanders leads Democratic field in new national poll

Sanders leads Democratic field in new national poll

A new national poll finds Bernie Sanders is well ahead of the field of Democratic presidential candidates. CBS/YouGov national poll released on Sunday shows the Vermont Senator with 28% of Democratic voter support, Warren in second with 19%, and Joe Biden in third with 17%. The poll also showed Sanders as the best contender against Trump in a hypothetical match-up, 47% to Trump’s 44 percent.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 6 months

Bernie better get a food taster, otherwise his next heart attack may happen sooner than his doctors predict.

Oliver Biscuit
Oliver Biscuit 6 months

If I were Trump I'd congratulate him too. Gonna be an easy win for T-dawg if Bernie is the nominee.

Ted Hill
Ted Hill 6 months

Correct or not, Schiff this is what happens when you lose credibility. People can say anything they want about you.

anthony 6 months

I see the Democratic establishment doing anything and everything to derail Bernie including this.

Max Bants
Max Bants 6 months

Professional shit-stirrer

anthony 6 months

That was nice of ol' Trumpy.

CommanderVaasDC 6 months

adam " you welcomed russian help in he 2016 election." no collusion.

porcus 6 months

You can bet Schiff did release this in a pathetic and juvenile attempt to smear Bernie. And you can also lay money on the odds that there will be more attempts in the near future too. The DNC will bring out the knives for Bernie, they know just where to stick them.

mantico 6 months

How is it going to be easy for trump to win against Bernie?

America 6 months

I'd buy that for a dollar.

..... 6 months

What a magnanimous alpha our president is!

SomeGuyWhoDoesThings 6 months

The problem with what Schiff is and has been doing is it’s eroded the trust of his office. We can’t trust anything the house intel committee says anymore and that’s hurt not just his position and any further arguments he has, but damages the integrity of the committee itself. I have no doubt that chairmen have done similar things, but I don’t think anyone has ever been this blatant. This has damaged not just his anti-Trump cause, but the position itself, and it’s the latter that will have repercussions for a long long time...

..... 6 months

Trump standing up for the wrong person for the right reasons. This is how you know trump is a good person.

Jcrypt 6 months

You gotta admit Trump says some dumb things but he’s the best at controlling the narrative. You have to admire winners and the fact he can say dumb things and still win. Bravo Mr Prez

No Signal
No Signal 6 months

Honestly, I see this as a good thing. est repubs were hard on him....until economy boost. They still didn't like him on foreign policy (across ocean). Eventually started liking him. DNC is fractured like broken glass. It makes sense for Trump to debate Sanders. At this point, this is a debate about what our federal governance will be. I would LOVE to see an unfettered, unbiased debate. Remember BOTH parties espouse a need to get rid of entrenched poly-ticks within their own parties, but it never happens.The rest is just a shit show on our dime.

Joo Radley
Joo Radley 6 months

The Democrats conjure the same tired boogeyman again and again. WAKE UP Left and realize that Russia isn't the source of all your problems. Schiff stirs the same bubbling cauldron, hoping this time the spell will work---hoping that this time he can even voodoo doll someone in *his own party*

Scruffy Stoat
Scruffy Stoat 6 months

If I have to deal with your leftist policies, I at least want you to look as good as Tulsi in a wet suit. Sorry Bernie, I don't want to look at you, much less vote for you.

Carisa D
Carisa D 6 months

So if Trump endorses Sanders... does that mean that everyone else has to stop voting for Bernie?

Ryan M
Ryan M 6 months

So other people can edit the story titles and summaries after they've already been claimed, putting their own political spin on the story? The links I originally submitted for this story were about Trump accusing Schiff of undermining the Bernie campaign. Since that time, the story has been flooded with links about Bernie being the frontrunner, and the title of the story as well as its summary have been altered to tell a completely different story. That is manipulating the news in service of a political aim. Why is it permitted here? Isn't that antithetical to Newsvoice's mission?

Seekster 6 months

Probably. The question is who will steal it.

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