Seekster 3 months

This raises an issue that I really don't understand why Americans don't get it. If you want the government to do more for you, you have to be willing to pay more taxes to cover the cost. Basically there is no such thing as free _______. You can't get something for nothing. It seems to me that many Americans want the government to do more for them but they aren't willing to pay more taxes for that thing. Politicians, not wanting to lose elections, engage in deficit spending to avoid raising taxes and earning the ire of voters. However someday the bill comes due. One of the core reasons we are in so much debt is because people want social services like Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security but they aren't willing to pay enough taxes to cover the cost of such programs. Of course the other reason is government mismanagement of such programs leading to wasteful spending.

Chris Cahill
Chris Cahill 3 months

Surprise more spending will lead to higher taxes......

Paris Cloud
Paris Cloud 3 months


Up 3 months

No such thing as free ________. Its always TAXPYER FUNDED ________. If you treat the taxpayer like shit, then they will lose the incentive to work.

wickedstorm 3 months

Accidentally included the only good link in the reporting of the three not related to the story. Oops, sorry 'bout that!

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