China sentences Swedish bookseller to 10 years in prison for alleged spying

China sentences Swedish bookseller to 10 years in prison for alleged spying

A Chinese court has sentenced Swedish bookseller Gui Minhai to 10 years in prison for illegally ’providing intelligence’ overseas. Gui, 56, is known to have published books on the personal lives of Chinese Communist Party leaders. The Ningbo Intermediate People’s Court said that he had also been stripped of political rights for five years. It said that he would not appeal the verdict.

Bart 0 months

Socialist/Communist cries in pain as he strikes you with his fist.

Watheverable GRAMPS
Watheverable GRAMPS 0 months

Can we get Bernie Sanders opinion on communist China please? I'm dying to know!

..... 0 months

China cries racist everytime. Time to make this a public outcry!!!! China banning books. Illegally imprisoning people and taking away their political rights. China has NO authority to strip political rights under Geneva convention. Oh that's right they never signed! And non proliferation and so on! In fact China has broken every single agreement they've ever signed! China is a lawless state that burns books, commits genocide, unlawful arrests (eg embassy worker in hk) They have illegally claimed tibet, Hong Kong, xinjiang, taiwan and 9 dash line. China is nazi Germany. China has communist youth that shout with hatred "kill foreign devil" China sells organs illegally. Steals from everyone. Pollutes more than anyone. Forces their population to bubble just to get cheaper labor. Bullies every country on planet earth. Is EXTREMELY xenophobic. Does NOT let any chinese integrate. Actively promotes the downfall of the west. Actively has a drug war against America. Actively colonizing Africa and beating to death black people in China and outside China. Illegally running Chinatown crime rings around the world. China makes deadly knockoffs and controls its currency. Go ahead go to your bank and ask for rmb you can't get it outside of China that's how far they control their money. China won't even grant you a credit card. Even if you do every step to be legal in China it is IMPOSSIBLE so that at any moment they can throw you in jail. China has killed more people than every war combined! China uses crushed fetuses and endangered species to make impotency pills. Chinese are not warm and kind you fools, Chinese don't smile unless they sense they can get something from you. Chinese in their language CONSTANTLY talk shit about foreigners and compare themselves thinking they're superior. China wants to kill all non chinese. China says they want a China world but nobody non chinese can live in that because they can't even now so do the math. Xijinping Chinese President already said he will head the nwo. China tells hollywood what To do. China daily publishes propaganda pages in wapo and nyt. If left unfettered China will kill all life on earth including ultimately man. There has NEVER been a dynasty in China that didn't lead to ruin and mass death. China has completely rewritten its history and it takes very deep investigative skills to actually find a grain of truth. China is the biggest threat to mankind, no exageration.

Mutatis 0 months

What is the point of stripping his 'political rights' for five years, when he is apparently going to be in prison for ten years anyways?

Pj 0 months

so is he Swedish or from Hong Kong?

Kyle Broflovski
Kyle Broflovski 0 months

Swedish citizenship won't get him out of that one, or really anything these days.

..... 0 months

Notice the western press calling them hongkonger instead of Swedish. Always attenuating. Kill all the traitors at the guardian and nyt. That's what China would do after all. So are you racist or just a traitor?!

Cole Erdmann
Cole Erdmann 0 months

we do the same in america, except we suicide them to keep em quiet

Dave 0 months

Probably safer in Prison than out in the coronavirus swept countryside of mainland China.

Minor_Complex 0 months

Per the Guardian: "The brief statement said Gui had pleaded guilty and would not be appealing against his case." [expand] That is some absolutely delicious authoritarianism.

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