EU demands UK keeps chlorinated chicken ban to get trade deal

EU demands UK keeps chlorinated chicken ban to get trade deal

The EU is expected to demand the UK maintains a ban on chlorinated chicken as the price for a trade agreement with Brussels. This comes on the back of a recommendation by France insisting that both sides maintain ’health and product sanitary quality in the food and agriculture sector’. This is expected to create an obstacle to a trade deal for the UK with the US.

porcus 2 months

Weird. It's like the EU doesn't understand that the UK actually left them and do not have to do anything that the EU says anymore... sort of like when a woman leaves a controlling relationship.

IIZard 2 months

What a ridiculous red line for the EU, our trade with non EU countries is of no concern with you!

Hannibal 2 months

And this is why the Euros pay 8 swiss francs for two chicken breasts. For all of their pretensions about food safety and animal rights what the Europeans are really doing is basically forcing their poorest citizens to shop at Whole Foods Market. And Dems think we subsidize our farmers... lol.

Louis S
Louis S 2 months

Stay strong Boris, I've always preferred borax beef and paint thinner pork anyway


A move to damage UK trade deals with 3rd countries. Expect much more of this. An EU ban on chlorinated chicken already applies to US imports and would to British. Purely an attempt to shape the UK market into something that can't get the deals it wants.

BumperCar 2 months

Personally don't mind this one. Meat production globally is a shit show anyways. Could use some upgrade.

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