Trump warns economy will crash ’like never before’ if he loses election

Trump warns economy will crash ’like never before’ if he loses election

US President Trump said on Tuesday that the US stock market will crash if he loses the election this year. Speaking in New Delhi during his India trip, Trump insisted his victory is essential to the US economy. He said: ’If I don’t win, you’re going to see a crash like you’ve never seen before’. ’When we win, I think the market’s going to go up like a rocket ship.’

Jim Boi
Jim Boi 2 months

Isn’t wrong

porcus 2 months

Random articles pasted in a lazy effort to get mediocre points. Try harder you lazy n00b.

Al 2 months

wall street always gets antsy when a dem wins they know the parties over.only 40percent of amerícans own stocks and most of that is 401ks or some type of retirement accts.enough with the Dow being a way to value the means the rich are making $ hand over fist(stealing really and f@$_ing the rest of amerícans)but we can't afford universal healthcare childcare and some free tuition for our kids .but the 99 keep dividing us and we're so stupid to fall for it again and again.To my conservative neighbors b4 u fall for Bernie is a comunist turn off fox and Google democratic solistism countries .I wonder how there citizen demand free healthcare childcare and college for who wants it and yes they're the happiest people on the planet mnn let me think y that is .we have the numbers to make it happen here but some have brainwashéd into thinking that will bankrupt us .news to you were broke now and don't get Jack for our money .the country is broken time to take it back from the greedy plotucrats and 1percent giving us crumbs . FedEx paid no federal taxes last year if u think that's fine your too far gone for help time to really make this country great for everyone just not certain people has our clueless president says he's not one of you he lived in penthouse in NYC all his life b4 he got kicked outta New York

michael zubas
michael zubas 2 months

That's because it's about to already. this house of cards will crash. no matter who is president.

Craig 2 months

Propped up solely by Mr. Trump's bullying for quantitative easing... yup, he's right... once his bullying is gone the only thing left will be the failed economy he couldn't possibly have bettered do to his absolute ineptitude.

Rhokanth 2 months

If Bernie, Warren or Buttigieg win, then yes. I doubt they'll drop with Bloomberg. With Biden it would depend on his VP because the guy is 5 seconds away from being a vegetable.

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