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Green 0 months

None of this can be true. Guns are not allowed in NYC. Surely the gun laws are working. It also looks like they put the wrong picture up. I was told all mass shootings have to be derange racist right wingers. Must be fake news.

Jeff 0 months

If he was black, there's no way he'd be apprehended alive. How many innocent black men are murdered by cops while the white mass shooters get to live? Oh wait, second LeBron tweet coming through now.

Ddddd 0 months

Black lives matter. White supremacists made him do it. End policing and jails na0!!!

Jeff 0 months

If this mass shooter was a black man, NO WAY he'd be apprehended alive! The cops woulda shot him dead immediately! So sick of this, LeBron, pass me my torch. Wouldn't it be neat if, just one time, the twitter virtusignally race baiters said "well how about that, we were wrong about this white privilege, turns out you just don't act threatening or shoot at the cops and you get to live"

J. S. Dietrich
J. S. Dietrich 0 months


Cindy 0 months

People need to get educated and grow up badly!

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