San Francisco declares emergency over coronavirus

San Francisco declares emergency over coronavirus

San Francisco declared a local emergency over the coronavirus on Tuesday, despite having no cases. The city said it made the move to boost its coronavirus preparedness and raise public awareness of risks. Earlier on Tuesday, the CDC recommended preparations for community spread after infections surfaced in several more countries.

porcus 3 months

Great. Looks like we can add Wuhan Flu to the list of things in Democrat-controlled cities, along with the medieval diseases, human feces in the streets, rampant crime, gangs, prostitution, drugs, homelessness, and poverty.

I Am Grug
I Am Grug 3 months

Buy an M98 gas mask with as many filters as possible. If you can buy an m80 or a larger 40 mm gas mask if possible. Buy as many preservatives as possible. Buy water filters. Buy a gun and stock up on ammo, a glock, AK, or mini m14 are best when it comes to reliability, durability and stopping power. Make sure to buy hollow points rounds. Buy tough clothes. Make a plan to get out of the city if you need to. You are not safe, the government will not protect you. If worse comes to worse you must plan for the well being and defense of you and your family.

tenoclock 3 months

I've been to that city recently, trust me if one case shows up the entire city is fucked. From the homeless tents, to people shitting on the street, and it being a sanctuary city, all it needs is one spark to set it a blaze. I want to give some credit to the officials for getting in front of this but they're also the same idiots that set up the laws to turn their city into this tinderbox to begin with.

John W
John W 3 months

yea bring on the local government, they are the most competent in controling disease and hygiene. first thing to do is pass a law allowing infected people live crammed together in tents, to allow these people to crap everywhere and share needles. Wait we already did that. my God we are so awesome.

Joo Radley
Joo Radley 3 months

if you read the coronavirus spin coming out of left vs. right outlets right now, it can be observed that the right is trying to tamp down fear, and the left is trying to fan the flames of fear---i submit that this is because of the stock market---the burn-trump-at-all-costs mentality folks would love to see the selling continue, and fear is controlling the narrative right now. for once could something *please* not be political? yeah right. the powers that be were already short the market before the shift in narrative by the media, so they are making bank on this, and will make further bank pumping the market back up after the virus dies down

America 3 months

Zero cases: world is on fire. Dems.

Dave 3 months

Bigots. People with coronavirus are people too you know?! What's with this coronavirus ban?

John W
John W 3 months

yes I think they need some "virus free zone" signs, that will stop it .

Marcus Rogers
Marcus Rogers 3 months

So along with the poop, needles, homelessness and black plague, it's long been over due a emergency.

Roamer MGTOW
Roamer MGTOW 3 months

declaring an emergency is one thing, but not having an organized plan is another. democrats are teying to politicize this instead of organizing a plan.

OttersGonnaOtt 3 months

There are three things that make this patently idiotic: Declaring a state of emergency when the emergency doesn't exist yet is publicly declaring you are wasting tax revenue. You are instilling needless panic into the uninformed, making this play to inform the masses ill mannered and possibly cruel, aside from ironic. You are proving that the Democratically controlled states only want to grand stand and showboat for attention at the expense of other people actually at risk or even dying. Can we declare a national state of emergency against radical democracy?

John W
John W 3 months

this virus will teach us about; intersectionality, equality of outcome, and diversity.

Mutatis 3 months

Apparently the mayor is seeking to cause a panic before the virus even arrives.

Midgetelf 3 months

A state of emergency shouldn't be used this way. But that's just my opinion.

Jay Walsh
Jay Walsh 3 months

Leave it to San Francisco being the first virtue signaling city

Seekster 3 months

We need to put signs up in San Francisco explaining that the Coronavirus can get into your nose and mouth so it's very important to keep both sealed and airtight at both times. I think this will result in general improvement for both San Francisco and the country.

the terrible rabbit of death
the terrible rabbit of death 3 months

emergency for corona virus but not for the bubonic plague THAT THEY HAVE !.. meh i guess it is ok when liberal do it.

Rhokanth 3 months

They had the plague and all sorts of other stuff well before coronavirus.

Brad Carter
Brad Carter 3 months

Declaring and emergency with literally no cases is how people get freaked out not educated.

_tallman 3 months

maybe they can boost preparedness by cleaning up all the human shit in the streets...idk, just an idea.

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