Bernie Sanders calls Israeli PM a ’reactionary racist’

Bernie Sanders calls Israeli PM a ’reactionary racist’

Defending his support for Israel, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a ’reactionary racist’. The Democratic presidential candidate made the comments while appearing at the South Carolina Democratic presidential debate. Mr. Sanders has also announced that he would not be attending the American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference held annually.

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 3 months

$ellout “white people dont know what it’s like to be poor” $anders $ure knows a think or two about racism!

tenoclock 3 months

Wow! First the Castro comment alienating Florida voters and now alienating Jewish and Christian voters with this. He's gonna run out of feet to shoot himself in.

Seekster 3 months

Bernie Sanders is known for being an excellent judge of world leaders /s

Avi Khait
Avi Khait 3 months

From a fan of Fidel, Stalin and Mao.

Matthew 3 months

I am tired of people calling someone they don't like racist... lazy smear.

Jon 3 months

Go Bernie 🤟💪💪💪

IIZard 3 months

???? is that like reverse racism for Jews? Can white people have white countries again or is that still somehow evil nazism?

Jeff 3 months

That's "defending his 'support'"?!?

Grand Ol Propaganda
Grand Ol Propaganda 3 months


Frungus 3 months

based bernie

Corey Worthington
Corey Worthington 3 months

Sanders is correct. Interesting to see all of the rabid strawmanning responses to a verifiable fact. You can't expect justice or peace in this world by perpetrating an injustice.

Hypnotica 3 months

Thats funny, coming from someone who campaigns with open anti-semites...

TehChuckles 3 months

Kettle, I'd like you to meet pot.

Craig 3 months

And ask yourself... why would a Jew not support the Israeli government? Do you support everything your leaders do and say without question? For example, do all American citizens of Iranian, Japanese, Chinese, German, French, British, Chilean, wherever lineage still back everything that happens in their native countries?

mantico 3 months

He’s not wrong

not the 1%
not the 1% 3 months

Watch the deep state bots on this site lose their minds 😂😂😂 Of course the leader of an Apartheid state is racist.... As it was in south Africa, it is now in Israel... History says there is always a day of reckoning, unfortunately, Unless the powerful decide to NOT keep abusing that power -/- / That fuckface net in ya yahoo wou'dn't know how

Scruffy Stoat
Scruffy Stoat 3 months

Racist? There are a lot of Jews who think Jews shouldn't marry non-Jews, that's pretty racist, but idk if he's one of those. He's definitely corrupt though.

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