Joe Biden endorsed for President by James Clyburn

Joe Biden endorsed for President by James Clyburn

James Clyburn, a top Democrat from the House of Representatives announced on Wednesday that he would endorse Joe Biden, the former Vice President, for the post of the President of the United States. Mr. Clyburn is an influential black legislator from South Carolina, which is an important early voting state.

npc8472 3 months

Ya...endorse the guy who doesn't even know where he is or what office he is running for or if the guy running China has been dead for 30 yrs or not.....

david dindu
david dindu 3 months

he endorsed biden for senate?

Mark East
Mark East 3 months

he's your typical establishment tool

Rational 3 months

I guess he could hold his nose enough.

Harold 3 months

The man is borderline senile. He’s laughable at this point. They need to let it go and move tf on. Biden is NOT the answer, he’s a joke

Robert 3 months

Well. Let’s find out if black people are smart enough to differentiate what is detrimental for them.

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