Trump says Pelosi trying to create ’panic’ with coronavirus comments

Trump says Pelosi trying to create ’panic’ with coronavirus comments

Trump accused Nancy Pelosi of trying to create a panic around the coronavirus outbreak after the House Speaker criticized the White House’s emergency planning as ’inadequate.’ ’All they are trying to is get a political advantage,’ Trump said in the White House. Pelosi earlier said, ’I don’t think the president knows what he’s talking about’ when it comes to fighting the virus.

Got Truth
Got Truth 2 months

I think there are many more Dems that are actually quite positive towards a Socialist or even a Communist government. They are getting more comfortable by the day in revealing their true beliefs. Better wake up America, especially you who live in coastal regions, Illinois.

porcus 2 months

She is a liar. The Democrat party does not want to have a socialist heading up their party, they want a Democrat to head it up. Sanders is an independent running as a Democrat.

Ryan M
Ryan M 2 months

Yet another story hijacked on this platform. At first this one was about Pelosi tacitly endorsing Sanders, now all of a sudden it's about Trump accusing her of creating a panic over coronavirus. The title and description have been altered, and a litany of links have been added, to make this post about something other than what the OP intended and authored. If any mods or Newsvoice staff are reading this, please take note: users are hijacking each other's posts. We all have our biases, that's fine, but we shouldn't be able to steamroll each other's posts like this.

Vedran 2 months

Alright! Sensible commentary from Congress. I never really understood all the panic and apocalyptic comments coming from corporate media about Senator Sanders' success. He's running a smart campaign.

Pedro Rodriguez
Pedro Rodriguez 2 months

I wouldn't put it past her to spread a little sample of the Wu Flu in the streets of San Francisco. If only to make Trukp look bad.

Ryan M
Ryan M 2 months


bobby_5150 2 months

Pelosi would be ok with a lemming as long as it had a D behind its name and thought it could beat Trump.

..... 2 months

While it is true to be very cautious it is also true the dems are only looking fit political gain.

WJ MacKENZIE 2 months

What a... lukewarm endorsement. She would be "comfortable". And, to be accurate, she didnt even say that, she just said "yes" when asked if she'd be ok with it. Just yes... not "yes, he will be great, vote for him", just a yes. Anyway... - "We have a lot of strong nominees. ... I'm not supporting one over the other, but I think every one of them will beat President Trump," he [senator chuck shoes on head, er, Schumer] said. - Yeah, and chucky boy was also one of the rabble who thought they had a slam dunk case... they just needed more time to get more evidence and stuff, but it was rock solid, yo! Dont think that moron had been paying attention to the nominees... From Obama wannabe Pete Butthead to wannabe native Warren to Sleepy Joe to the dozens of literally who's that have dropped already... Im just not seeing their combined dopeyness beating trump, much less just one of them.

Darknimbus3 2 months

What a vile witch she is lol

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