Children of woman deported to Mexico might be sent to different foster homes

Children of woman deported to Mexico might be sent to different foster homes

The deportation of a woman from California, to Mexico, could reportedly lead to her children being sent to foster homes, as per reports. The woman, named Costa Mesa, who is an unauthorized immigrant, turned herself in to Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers. It is now feared that her four US born children will be separated and sent to different foster homes.

Seekster 3 months

When an American parent is arrested and sent to jail they are separated from their children.

James Sanford (Retroambassador)
James Sanford (Retroambassador) 3 months

if your going to deport her send the kids back with her.

Michael Mantion
Michael Mantion 3 months

they are mexican citizens. she is expected to take them. why is the state responsible to foster these kids.

Redscorpion8 3 months

Don't come here illegally, and that won't happen

Pamela 3 months

American siblings are separated in the system. And? It’s a problem with the foster care system - has nothing to do with why the children are in it. If you come here illegally you’ll be treated like an American citizen who does something illegally — at least as far as your children are concerned. And it isn’t pretty... not at all pretty. It’s ugly and terrifying.

T.N. Morgan
T.N. Morgan 3 months

Noooo. Take your spawns with you! 😢

Teito 3 months

I dont understand these comments. Yes, she entered the US illegally but she's seems like she was just genuinely trying to make a better life for herself and her kids. She didnt preach that the system was racist/evil, game the social services or even fight the government when they found out. She's been completely compliant in all aspects, she even turned herself in. Why are y'all being dicks about it? The article mentions that they're not sure if she can take all her kids back to Mexico even if she wanted to. The least they could do is ensure her kids would be in the same foster home so they can still be a family if the mother is deported. Why split the children apart from each other?

The Raven
The Raven 3 months

@Teito, dont try. they only care about themselves.

michael zubas
michael zubas 3 months

What would "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" look like to you? j/w.

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