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’Lot of risk’ in attacking Sanders on debate stage: Hillary aide

’Lot of risk’ in attacking Sanders on debate stage: Hillary aide

A debate aide to former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton said that the Democratic primary debate stage had become a ’production studio’ for re-election campaign of President Donald Trump. The aide also said that there was a ’lot of risk’ in attacking Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders on the debate stage.

Rhokanth 8 months

They're banking on Sanders winning with Warren as VP. Then Sanders croaks 5 seconds into her term and they have a corporate-backed shill as president with Pelosi as VP.

david dindu
david dindu 8 months

if you dont attack him he wins..... unless you use plan b and chat him out

riheg 8 months

Why don’t the HRC camp shut up. Her anti progressive campaign slogan should be called “bitter together.”

DysfunctionalOrphan 8 months

of course its risky. Sanders will tear anyone on that stage to shreds, except maybe Warren

mantico 8 months

Those attacks didn’t even work. Sanders base is very loyal. Attacking him will just enrage his base to give him more money. All the other candidates up there pool from the same voters. If anything the way you go after him is you have all the centrist candidates pool their support into one of them. But as of now they all take from each other.

SnarkyMeanJean 8 months

this country is so f**ked up, I can't stand it!

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