Trump campaign sues New York Times

Trump campaign sues New York Times

President Trump’s presidential campaign has sued The New York Times for libel over a March 2019 opinion piece. The lawsuit accuses the Times of intentionally defaming Trump with an op-ed written by a former executive editor claiming that his 2016 campaign had an ’overarching deal’ with Russia. The campaign is seeking millions of dollars in damages.

No Name
No Name 3 months

I was about to try to explain why I think this lawsuit won't work, but then I realized it's not about the lawsuit. It's about making news. News that Trump is suing people for lying about him and the lie is Russia collusion. He doesn't want to win, he wants to make people know that it was a lie (and discredit as many news organisations as possible in the process). Also probably to scare people away from writing more stories about this. But I might also be completely wrong and this is just what it looks like.

James Graham
James Graham 3 months

I feel like this case will fall through as it’s an opinion piece, but I would be interested to see if possibly the paper printing it could be seen as an endorsement of the opinion and therefore be libel. This should be interesting.

Skeptic 3 months

Here is the column in question: I am not a lawyer but I'd be very surprised if it gets anywhere at all and I suspect the Times would be happy to defend it in court (but unlikely to be heard before the election). It seems to me if Trump really wanted to win, there are lots of other things the Times has published that would be easier cases -- articles by Times reporters rather than an Op Ed piece -- though I don't think Trump would win any such cases. On the other hand, as Porcus suggested, he could conceivably "sue them into bankruptcy" without actually winning in court just by running up legal costs. Even if it didn't succeed in bankrupting the Times, it would discourage other news outlets.

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