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100k ducks to fight locust invasion in China

100k ducks to fight locust invasion in China

A troop of ducks have been deployed by China to fight the locust infestation in the far west of the country. China has taken a biological step towards controlling the locusts whereas countries like Kenya are spending millions of dollars on aerial sprays. The locust is said to have entered China via Pakistan.

Frederic Lück
Frederic Lück 6 months

And then they send bears to get rid of the ducks. And then snakes to get rid of the bears And the snakes will die in the winter

VanityCulture_ 6 months

sounds like command and conquer, duck infantry. just as effective as bear cavalry!

Justin MB
Justin MB 6 months

Does anyone know if the caronavirus made its way to birds yet? I am sure this is going to end well🙄

Crimson Jester
Crimson Jester 6 months


Seekster 6 months

Think of the sparrows!

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