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Cheney defiant after House GOP vote, blasts Trump

Cheney defiant after House GOP vote, blasts Trump

Soon after she was ousted from the House GOP leadership, Rep. Cheney said that she will do ’everything I can’ to ensure that former President Trump does not win the presidency again. Earlier, a majority of House Republicans, in a voice vote, removed Cheney from her leadership position at a closed door meeting. Cheney is expected to be replaced by Rep. Stefanik. A vote on that is expected Friday.

Rocky 0 months

Turn your back on the voters, get the boot. Next she will lose her seat altogether. I hope she has been hitting up those corporate sponsors for a job opening.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 0 months

Not over Trump criticism. For going against her constituents who put her in office and trying to unconstitutionally impeach a private citizen that had committed no crimes, but I realize that doesn't resonate with the dems who suddenly found 'respect' for her (but certainly not enough to invite her to join their party). They're just mad because they can't get rid of Manchin.

Dewey 0 months

The policies of President Trump were absolutely excellent, both foreign and domestic. Unfortunately, and I mean this very much so, he let his voice and his mouth get in the way of himself. This new absolute disaster of an administration is showing us firsthand that it is actually better to have a president who may say mean things but does all the right things as opposed to the tottering old fool in the White House now

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 0 months

Bye Liz, don't let the door hit you on the way out. Enjoy your one way trip to 🌐🤡.

edwin 0 months

Well, now the damage she can do is mitigated. Let her constituents replace her next election, meanwhile maybe they can get onto good business like fixing some of the nightmare proposals and policies of this administration.

Thomas 0 months

Good riddance to RINO Cheney . We conservatives need to get rid of Romney , Murkowski and the rest of the turncoats in our party .

LetterJotter 0 months

She sided with the truth. She had integrity - unlike the Orange sack of garbage and his deluded disciples. There was and has been NO evidence uncovered about widespread fraud to overturn the election. She is being excoriated by her own party for siding with the truth. As a Republican, I’m disgusted watching the route my party has taken. We’re being laughed at for subscribing to conspiracy theories and vapid opinion. We used to be the party of ‘following the truth.’ Now, because of a rambling con-artist, we’re a joke.

Say no to Fascism
Say no to Fascism 0 months

Buh-by! 👋😘 Hopefully s'e'll be replaced by someone who actually respects their constituents.

Jon 0 months

Tell the truth and you gone. Unless you are all in on the big lie you are gone. Even while Trump administration officials will testify today that there was no election fraud lol. 🤣🤦‍♂️🤡

MIDESSA 0 months

Funny this lady has more balz than all of her Male counterparts combined. You think none of the other Republican senators dont feel exactly the same as she does? Please, they just dont have the courage to speak truth to power. Of course having a base of primarily uneducated angry white men over 50 doesn't help them be courageous. Lol.

Clyde 0 months

She is doing God’s work...saving America from the traitorous trump cancer is the only credible act the GOP can do at this point.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 0 months

Cheny is completely detached from reality. She was censured by her state and support for her neo-com rhetoric is dwindling. A key issue in 2020 will be election integrity and Cheney's mad rants on that further prove her next job should be somewhere in Sniffy's so-called green economy. Maybe she can go assemble solar panels--would probably be be the first honest work she's ever done in her life.

Shono 0 months

Crony puppet woman! PSYOP complicit! Rubbing elbows with the worst!

K. 0 months

The reality of it is that a split in the Republican Party just increases the likelihood of not unseating the liberal democrats.

Jackson 0 months

I love how dems have Moderates, centrists, progressives, justice dems, and more and republicans have VOTE WITH THE HIVEMIND OR LEAVE RINO

John W
John W 0 months

House Democrats, Working With Liz Cheney, Restrict Trump’s Planned Withdrawal of Troops From Afghanistan and Germany

Gloria 0 months

I admire Cheney for her honesty and speaking the truth. No liner is there a Republican Party, just a shadow of what it once was. Trump belongs in jail.

TheRef 0 months

She shouldn’t be thinking about trump now. She should be focusing on two things. 1. Despite how she feels about the former president she needs to put her energy towards the Rep winning the house. 2. Convincing her state to re-elected her.

Jerry Mandering
Jerry Mandering 0 months

So she will do everything she can to stop Trump getting elected again eh? Who does she think she is? If the American people want Trump to be president then so be it!

Matt 0 months

I love her response here. ZERO self reflection, the same thing she accuses Trump of doing to others. The thing about the elite Republicans... The Bush family, Cheney's, Romney, McCain family... They all care more about themselves and their feelings than their constituents and the country. All of them care more about getting back at Trump than protecting our country from the senile, deranged guy in the white house who actually does the dictator level stuff they accused Trump of. Nice to see them making it easy for anyone that's actually paying attention.

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