Delegate count unchanged after Iowa caucus recount

Delegate count unchanged after Iowa caucus recount

Results from the Iowa caucuses were released Thursday after a recount and remained unchanged. The final results show former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg maintains his slim delegate lead. The final state delegate equivalent totals have Buttigieg at 562.954 and Sanders at 562.021.

mantico 2 months

What a mockery and subversion of democracy. Hiding behind party policy and allowing delegates to determine who wins. That is anti democratic

Thomas 2 months

He cheated and merely tied Bernie. Can't stop that Berning sensation!

Craig 2 months

had a month to doctor results. an absolute disgrace... banana republic style coup. no joke... Buttigeig's $42,000 was well spend. Tom Perez is the patsy, doing what he's told...

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