House of Representatives launches investigation of William Barr

House of Representatives launches investigation of William Barr

The House of representatives has launched a broad investigation into William Barr’s conduct as Attorney General. The investigation includes but is not limited to, the Department of Justice interference with the Roger Stone trial which Representative Jerry Nadler had said is ’deeply troubling.’ Trump vowed to obstruct the investigation by disregarding any subpoena by the House of Representatives

The Raven
The Raven
6Million$Mansplainer 0 months

🙄 That stale familiar smell of Dems being desperate.

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 0 months

Ahh Democrats, I imagine the next time Trump flushes the loo during a drought they'll be trying to impeach him 🙄

Seekster 0 months

Nadler is the Secretary of Laundry.

Roberto the Jew
Roberto the Jew 4 weeks

The second you see "Nadler" you can bet its complete bullshit. Anyone who actually follows politics and especially those who have since the 90's know this.

Bob Kimmel
Bob Kimmel 0 months

So it's ok when they do it. gotcha

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