Amazon continues to close US delivery contracts

Amazon continues to close US delivery contracts

Amazon is continuing to close contracts with agencies to deliver their packages, resulting in the loss of more than 3,200 jobs so far. Amazon says they are terminating agreements of contractors who fail to meet their quality expectations and offer job transitioning for affected drivers. Contractors say there are no jobs to transition for their drivers, hence the layoffs.

Marcus Rogers
Marcus Rogers 0 months

In the UK literally anyone with 4 wheels can be a amazon driver, and I mean 4 wheels, I've had white Van's all the way to smart cars delivering me stuff, and most couldn't even speak english. So if that's the level of professionalism they are going for, wtf is going on in the US.

Pj 0 months

amazon is garbage, access the employee only facebook and you will see all that you need to.

Andromeda 0 months

If delivery standards are anything like the UK. I bet these local firms are more trustworthy than the big players who have nothing much to lose. It will come to bite Amazon later down the line when more packages are lost or damaged by FedEx.

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