TikTok is ’spyware’, says Reddit CEO

TikTok is ’spyware’, says Reddit CEO

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman took a shot at TikTok during the ’Social 2030’ conference last week, calling it ’fundamentally parasitic’. Huffman’s concerns appeared to be based on the fact that the platform uses a form of ’device fingerprinting’ to track user behavior. ’Don’t install that spyware on your phone’, Huffman advised.

Paris Cloud
Paris Cloud 2 months

As he shuts down r/The_Donald

Dawlben 2 months

Pot - kettle - black

Batman of Clownworld
Batman of Clownworld 2 months

You mean an app coming from communist china could be used against us Nooooooo Never just as Bernie about his comrades, I mean friends. But fuck reddit over /thedonald . ANY censorship is bad. People on the far left they may go after Bernie posts next. These years in the Meme Wars have been hard ones. As a captain on the USS Dankmeme I salute all those who have fallen to reddit bans.

tinkerandthinker 2 months

spez can stfu. getting banned for using a feature that is provided to you is entrapment at that point. Plus I've seen porn on that site behind no 18+ wall, but that free think is dangerous.

Gonzalo Gutierrez
Gonzalo Gutierrez 2 months

It's cringeyware

TheWeakMinded 2 months

tiktok is just cancer in general...

El 2 months

Stupid gringo comments... this is getting boring.

White mana matters
White mana matters 2 months

And Reddit is super-ghonorrea

Randy Souse-Git
Randy Souse-Git 2 months

All social media is a parasitic infection of our society. #NoFaceTwitInstaSnap

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