Israel holds elections for third time in under a year

Israel holds elections for third time in under a year

Israelis are voting in the third general election in less than a year. This comes after neither Benjamin Netanyahu nor his main challenger, Benny Gantz, were able to put together majority coalitions following the last two elections. Netanyahu is seeking re-election weeks before he is due to stand trial on corruption charges. Netanyahu is Israel’s longest-serving prime minister.


Britain is leaving the EU not Europe. I know it's difficult for Britain hating marxists to tell the difference but at least try to be factual, Guardian!

The Raven
The Raven 3 months

nice to see his genocidal tendencies catching up to him.

The Civic Nationalist
The Civic Nationalist 3 months

As a conservative who strongly disliked Obama, when this man came to my country and disrespected my president? I wondered how so many Republicans fail to grasp that an ally, no matter how close, has it's own interests. We shouldn't be throwing money in the direction of first world country with a strong military, and we shouldn't be pretending that they're loyal to the US, bc NO country places another's interests before it's own, and any government who does is treasonous to it's own people. I don't really care what happens to Net, only that Israel either accepts vassal status or stands on it's own.

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