Trump rallies conservatives at CPAC

Trump rallies conservatives at CPAC

President Trump addressed a group of conservatives Saturday at the Conservative Political Action Conference. He touched upon issues including taking shots at his Democratic opponents, in particular Mike Bloomberg, defending his administration’s response to the coronavirus, and deal signed by the US and the Taliban on Saturday.

America 3 weeks

He is not wrong.

Up 3 weeks

Trump Train vs the Clown Car. Who will win?

T3hGladiator 3 weeks

"Trump to rally conservative base at CPAC" Uh, duh?

DysfunctionalOrphan 3 weeks

Calling it a "clown show" implies that there's anything funny about it. Its more infuriating for me personally

Jon 3 weeks

Who cares. A big dumb moron talks to a room full of sycophants woooohooo🙄

Redscorpion8 3 weeks

that so called moron kicked ass in 16 and will again, can't be too much of one, but killary tried to rid the election and still lost, so whose the moron, moron? proud deplorable! Trump 2020!

Barny Fraggles
Barny Fraggles 3 weeks

That's a pretty concise description of it

Grand Ol Propaganda
Grand Ol Propaganda 3 weeks

White Supremacists Gathering......

Just_Saying 3 weeks

This is hystarical when said by a guy with a orange cooper tone tan, and a hair plug combover to rival all combovers.

Up 3 weeks

Trump 2020 landslide baby! Make demorats RHEEEEE again 🤣

Jack 3 weeks

We’ve been a circus for some time. Taking a look in the mirror with a dose of reality might never hit the guy.

Jake 3 weeks

“Mike Bloomberg spent more for nothing” is a metaphor of my life!

Josh 3 weeks

He's the expert!

Barry 3 weeks

we no longer live in a democracy

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