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NASA images show reduction in pollution levels in China

NASA images show reduction in pollution levels in China

The Coronavirus outbreak has resulted in pollution levels in China dropping as was seen through satellite images released by NASA. The levels of nitrogen dioxide hanging over the country have decreased significantly as the country tries to find ways to limit the spread of the virus.

Lord Flasheart
Lord Flasheart 6 months

Does this mean Climate Chaos has been pushed out until 2035? 2019, "The would ends in 2030". 2020, Racisit Corona Virus. 2030, "World didn't end because Corona Virus". 2035, "All praise President A.I."

Watcher 6 months

Bullshit images from NASA

MGTOW Man 6 months

Meaning that there is no end of world scenario with CO2. in two month China is getting back to normal clean air levels. Anywzy, carbon is not a pollutant.

Thomas Watson
Thomas Watson 6 months

Nitrogen Dioxide, cool. Now can you do something about all the Carbon Dioxide and soot coming out of your factories?

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