Trump deficits alarm conservatives, poll shows

Trump deficits alarm conservatives, poll shows

A majority in a CPAC/Washington Times poll say it’s time to get back to fiscal discipline. They say while the military spending increases and tax cuts are fine, spending cuts are needed elsewhere. However, the discontent over spending has no impact on the adoration of Trump, who, as per the poll, had a 95% approval rating.

Adam Madad
Adam Madad 2 months

Need more military spending guys.

Rocky 2 months

This is an absolute concern for both parties. Fiscal responsibility has been completely lost by both parties. They will continue to mortgage our future until we make it an extremely important voting issue. 90% of the national debt is owed to the social security fund (i.e. they are stealing out future money to fund their pet projects). I say a law needs to be passed that says no new laws may be created without a framework in place to pay for them.

Jackie 2 months

for all the things I could say about Trump, he seems to have been educated on Modern Monetary theory early into his term. conservatives should look into it too, after all Reagan demonstrated clearly that deficits dont cause inflation by themselves, and they like Reagan right?

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