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Recruiter fired after lining up students by skin color, hair texture

Recruiter fired after lining up students by skin color, hair texture

A recruiter from Oklahoma Christian University has been fired after students at a high school alleged he had them line up by the color of their skin and hair texture during a group activity. Harding Charter Preparatory High School, Oklahoma City, invited the recruiter to speak to the entire 11th-grade class about their futures, where he allegedly made the ’inappropriate and hurtful statements’.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 6 months

Guy sounds like an idiot, but oh man would love to have seen the look on people's faces when he said, "...nappiest hair in the back..."

Tachyon 6 months

The recruiter's response can be found here and is worth a read. It appears that he uses unorthodox methods to teach students about the kinds of bias or privilege they might face in the real world and that in this instance people got triggered and reported the exercise before he got to the point of explaining it's purpose. He also takes responsibility for making the mistake of not explaining the point of the exercise first in this case.

porcus 6 months

What's inappropriate or hurtful about this?

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 6 months

Sounds like he was just trying to preach leftist dogma.

John W
John W 6 months

get woke go broke. one more white wokester obsessed and convinced of white superiority.

Up 6 months

Of course he was trying to explain "white privilege" or some bullshit. See, without context it really is racist.

Peking Biden
Peking Biden 6 months

if he were a black woman than this would have been deemed stunning and brave. I think he's a low key racist moron.

TheMadDane 6 months

Oh wow, brings a tear to my one good eye. 🙄

Pete Nell
Pete Nell 6 months

Lining up by skin color is the same as 'affirmative action' (re. racism). But that's only ok when it's not in your face I guess.

Noobs 6 months

Clickbaity title with no proof and no context? Suspicious, but if he did it out of bigotry he should be penalized. Losing his job was a bit much though.

Mutatis 6 months

The guy's rationale was not great, yet the over the top reaction by the accusers/university was far worse.

The Raven
The Raven 6 months

yeesh, what a dumbass.

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