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Live TV shows Israeli mob lynch motorist believed to be an Arab

Live TV shows Israeli mob lynch motorist believed to be an Arab

While airstrikes and rocket fire continued across Israel and Gaza, towns in Israel with mixed Jewish and Arab populations have been struck with communal violence. On Wednesday, a mob was seen dragging a man believed to be an Arab from his car and beating him until he lay on the ground motionless and bloodied. Footage of the attack in Bat Yam, a Tel Aviv suburb, was broadcast live.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 1 months

Not excusing the actions but how is it a 'lynching'? It sounds like the same situation that happened with Reginald Denny and I never heard that called a 'lynching'. The news is dramatic enough without unnecessary sensationalism added.

Stefnir 0 months

Jesus that is horrible

Pablo 1 months

Wow, reminds me of Antifa. Horrible.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 1 months

So what. They didn't have to engage in war but now they are. I mean again we should just nuke this area.

MIDESSA 0 months

Well if it was a jew being beaten that would've been awful. But it's an Arab so I'm kinda shocked it made the news here.

Chad 0 months

Well everyone who's just gonna drive through the protesters/rioters, because their on the road where they don't belong, because their a hazard to emergency vehicles, I must say don't wreck your car and get mobbed by the people you did that to, or from a panned out view, your the guy in a zombie film who's chosen to drive a car through a mob and wrecked, and the demise, it's good he lived though, regardless of anything else

Rayed 1 months

Sounds eerily similar to what happened 81 years ago

Nelson 0 months

Zionism is outta control.

Martin 1 months

The fruits of an apartheid state.

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