California man gets 5 years in prison for harassing Parkland victims

California man gets 5 years in prison for harassing Parkland victims

Brandon Fleury, 22, was sentenced to more than five years in prison for cyberstalking families of Parkland, Florida, school shooting victims. Fleury of Santa Ana was convicted by a jury in October of three counts of cyberstalking and one count of transmitting a kidnapping threat.Trial evidence showed that Fleury used several Instagram accounts to threaten and harass families of the victims.

Ben B.
Ben B. 0 months

As much as I detest what this guy was going, I think prison is a little much. So he was a douchebag online, the first amendment is still a thing. I didn't see these articles post any proof to back the claim that he wasmaking threats. To me, this is just some edgy autistic young man who thought trolling mass shooting victims is funny, which it's not. Still not a crime in my eyes, the kid should've just been banned... Or maybe, unpopular opinion here, the victims should've just blocked the dude and gone on with theur lives. So what if some deadbeat on the Internet is being offensive?

Redscorpion8 0 months

what an asshole, good

Brett 0 months

Good riddance. These conspiracy nutjobs have caused irreparable damage by falling for all of this right-wing propaganda. It really sucks that big oil, the gun industry, Trump, Steve Bannon, Alex Jones, etc. have polluted our entire public discourse and drive these gullible people into permanent mental disorder just to have enough people believing their BS to stop progress on handling the big problems that are destoying people's lives and the planet all for profit. YOU TIN-FOIL HAT PEOPLE HAVE BEEN CO-OPTED BY MONIED INTERESTS!!

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