Biden tells voters to come and vote on ’Super Thur-Tuesday’

Biden tells voters to come and vote on ’Super Thur-Tuesday’

At a campaign rally in Texas on Monday, ahead of Super Tuesday primary races, Joe Biden urged his supporters to come out and vote, except he began to tell them the wrong day. ’Look, tomorrow is Super Thur- Tuesday. And I want to thank you all’, Biden said, quickly correcting himself. Some in the audience caught the mistake, to which Biden quipped, ’I’m rushing ahead, aren’t I?’.

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 2 months

This is stupid. The guy just made a slight error. This is not at all newsworthy.

Darth Vader
Darth Vader 2 months

the man needs to drop out of the race, not just for his sake but for the sake of his family

Skeptic 2 months

Trump, such a classy guy. He never misspeaks.

Up 2 months

I'm starting to feel bad for the guy. But at the same time, I want to see Trump ANNIHILATE him in a debate.

TheCurrentModality 2 months

The Leftist Mind: Trump uses hyperbole, "TRUMP IS A LIAR" Creepy Joe brain farts, "TRUMP IS A LIAR"

Kyle Broflovski
Kyle Broflovski 2 months

Normally this wouldn't be newsworthy, but in the case of Biden he just says something stupid every time he tries to speak, and it's funny.

Argaveus 2 months

Trump misspeaking shouldn't be news. Biden misspeaking shouldn't be news. Who cares? We get the idea

nate 2 months

Can we stop picking on Joe's speech? not that funny since he cannot help it. rather than personally attack him let's attack his policies.

Jon 2 months


Jon 2 months

Michael 2 months

Honestly, this isn’t newsworthy. Yes, he made a slight error, so what?

Jeff Fisher
Jeff Fisher 2 months

Heard that this really happened when he was in East Virginia, in the capital city of Miami where he was telling his fans to vote for him for Senate while smelling a little girl's hair. Yeah, this is the best that the democrats can come up with.

Seekster 2 months

I plan to vote for Donald Trump but I think this is silly. There are plenty of valid criticisms to throw against Joe Biden, this isn't one of them.

Craig 2 months

warren...the unity candidate will be given the delegates in Milwaukee.

daddymoon666 2 months

Dementia Biden... Go Dumberica...!!!...

Jason 2 months

People are getting banned on twitter for quoting sleepy joe. Says its spreading misinformation to talk about his gaffe. lol. clown world

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