MIT study: Evo Morales ’very likely’ won the Bolivian election fairly

MIT study: Evo Morales ’very likely’ won the Bolivian election fairly

An analysis by two researchers in MIT’s Election Data and Science Lab, made public last week, stated that an Organization of American States (OAS) finding that fraud helped Morales win was flawed. The researchers found no evidence of extensive fraud and concluded that it was ’very likely’ the socialist president won the October vote by the 10 percentage points needed to avoid a runoff.

Mark East
Mark East 2 months

American imperialism destroys another country

Mike Clark
Mike Clark 2 months

How did they get to this conclusion? What was the method of the study?

Marcos 2 months

Man, Bolivia is our neighbour here. The were videos showing the electoral justice "counting" the votes of some regions when the packages with the actual votes were yet sealed on the corner. The Bolivian imigrants on all the countries of the region tell of a great number of voting fraud. Evo fled the country expeled by the population some days after he "won" the election by a "landslide". Those two MIT researchers need to review their methods.

Hannibal 2 months

Please! Bolivia is notoriously corrupt in its elections, even by Latin American standards. Election fraud analysis in a poor nation infamous for coups and would-be dictators is extremely difficult to pin down. At best we can say that we're unsure of what occured. What we do know for certain is under Morales' term economic growth sputtered hard, cutting GDP growth from over 7% to barely 4%. From an economic and living standards POV, good riddance.

riheg 2 months

Another US supported regime change. The CIA is the worlds worst criminal organization. The elites minions support them even though the elite keeps the profits. Because Merica and Freedom

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