U.S. Supreme Court to hear challenge to Obamacare

U.S. Supreme Court to hear challenge to Obamacare

The U.S. Supreme Court announced Monday that it will review a challenge to the Affordable Care Act’s (Obamacare) constitutionality. This comes after a group of states claimed there is no longer a legal justification for it. The case will be heard in the term that starts in October 2020 which means a decision from the Supreme Court is not expected until after the 2020 election.

Gradient Flow
Gradient Flow 0 months

Remember, healthcare is not a right as defined by the US constitution.

Seekster 0 months

It survived last time because the individual mandate made it a tax. With the individual mandate gone it's no longer a tax so...

Redscorpion8 0 months

unconstitutional, it is a communist move to make people pay a penalty for Not having health care! 🤬

Up 0 months

Healthcare is not a right. If you and a doctor are stranded in the woods, is it your right that to demand that he takes care of you if you get sick or injured? I would grant that a doctor would likely do it of his on free will. But socialism/communism doesn't allow for free will. And what will happen if doctors and nurses go on strike? Will the government force them to work?

porcus 0 months

I greatly look forward to Obamacare being evicerated by SCOTUS. It has wrecked the American health system for too long, and the Republican party has shown a deficit of testicles for reversing it.

IvoryDove 0 months

Oooooh... Let's see what the Gods on the Supreme Court say... Ooooh! WTF has happened to our country? We are like songbirds in a guided cage wondering if our masters will give us crumbs. SCOTUS was never intended to be deciding what the constitution says or means. They've taken over a role that was reserved for the people.

john 0 months

I'm old enough to remember when the government enforced laws on the books not put enormous energy into undermining them.

npc8472 0 months

1: A service provided by another is not a right. That would make a healthcare a slave. 2: Forcing someone to purchase something from a third party that they do not want or need or taxing someone if they dont makes that tax a punishment. Not a tax. That's a fine.

AD C 0 months

Slight tangent, anything based on the health care system of a European country will likely be better suited to be implemented at a state level rather than the federal level. Then it can be better optimized for the constituents of the individual states and deal with less beuracracy to slow it down.

Smasher Devourer
Smasher Devourer 0 months

rights are intangible

King Kalifor
King Kalifor 0 months

Place your bets on John Roberts

michael 0 months

the individual mandate should be removed. there's no reason to scrap the entire law. Medicare for all would be better though. even if your taxes go up 4% your expenses would go down 12%. that's a net savings of 8% for EVERY household.

Grand Ol Propaganda
Grand Ol Propaganda 0 months

Even Paul Ryan is rolling his eyes at this.... 🙄🙄🙄

Watheverable GRAMPS
Watheverable GRAMPS 0 months

Even dem candidates are shitting on Obamacare, maybe it's time to admit it was a mistake!

TheMadDane 0 months


Jcrypt 0 months

In the 1940’s govt was very hands off with the economy, until enough people suffered during Great Depression FDR introduces the New Deal massively involving govt in people’s daily lives. The people wanted it because they were suffering. Later Reagan introduced social security b/c the old needed some security and dignity when they could no longer work. Now healthcare is a big deal. It’s sucking too large a percentage out of the U.S. economy and 40% of Americans can’t afford an emergency $400, especially more expensive medical emergencies. We found out processed foods and many junk foods increases chances of cancer, diabetes, and thus cost of healthcare. But to buy healthy foods? It’s more expensive and informing people to do is also a big challenge. So you have a cyclical problem. Regardless if these problems don’t get solved, the sick will become large enough to demand something to be done b/c they are suffering yet again. It will be another form of social security eventually, maybe people just don’t realize it yet.

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