Alabama man arrested in Cobb County for attempting to have sex with a teenager

Alabama man arrested in Cobb County for attempting to have sex with a teenager

Richard James Parker, 39, drove approximately 100 miles from his home in Oxford, AL to Marietta, AL for what he thought was going to be a coital affair with a 13 year old girl. When Parker arrived at the rendezvous point, he was greeted by Marietta Police instead. Parker was booked in Cobb County Jail and being held on $25000 bond.

The Raven
The Raven
porcus 5 months

Gross. 39 year old man chatting with a 13 year old girl trying to talk her into sex. Get a blow up doll you pervert.

Mozgus 5 months

Alabama man's sister wasn't putting out?

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 4 months

I know a guy that flies to Cuba a couple times a year so he can have a girlfriend for a week or so while he's there. She isn't underage, but certainly just a quid pro quo situation. Weird deal if you ask me.

The Raven
The Raven 5 months

ah, Floridaman ain't got shit on Alabama Man.

chris feil
chris feil 5 months

bruh, you could tell me the most attractive woman in the world wants to have sex with me, but if you then said it was a 100 mile drive away, I'd be like "fuck that"

Roadhog 4 months

Why don't you have a seat over there.

GreenMachine 4 months

You know, I don't have any sympathy for this guy. You don't bang 13yo kids! That being said after watching a video about the slew of cases of women banging their barely-adolescent students I wish the law and press would come down so hard on them.

Tim Baker
Tim Baker 4 months

Enjoy prison buddy they love pedophiles there.

gav 4 months

Guy should have gone to the UK and fiddled with Tommy Robinson’s daughter. Apparently that’s ok over there. They even arrest you when you stop the fiddling.

TheMadDane 4 months

Gross. Just go ahead and put him down. Thanks.

Frederic Lück
Frederic Lück 4 months

Chris Hanson intensifies

Apache helicopter
Apache helicopter 4 months

is it really worth it? the lengths these perverts would go to satisfy their fetish is what actually convinces me they should be hung..

Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd 4 months

I'm surprised that this story is on here..... usually you all like to point the finger at illegal immigrants and blow up their stories.... but wow this time finally we are talking about a us citizen who happens to be white.

Craig 4 months

and galine maxwell runs free... what a crappy judicial system... if you pimp kids for the powerful you go free.

Judi Em
Judi Em 4 months

Awesome job, Officers!! Wish I could have seen his face. This bust should go down as one of Marietta Police's best days ever!!

..... 4 months

Have a seat. I remember a friends mom who in retrospect was dtf if I hadn't been so naive. If you're a young man and you can get it but probably best not since you don't know shit and it's risky... young girl and creepy man on the other hand.... I know Middle school would date high school and high school college... that's one thing and even that is a bit fringe... but creepy man and little girl really boils my blood, take a bat and beat the shit out of him really break some ribs and an arm and wrist and jaw.

Morbo 4 months

Nice job, next comes the cornholing.

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