COVID-19 new cases decline in China, increase globally

COVID-19 new cases decline in China, increase globally

China reported only 206 new cases and only 8 outside of Hubei province, a sign that the epidemic may have peaked in China. In an interview, a WHO epidemiologist who worked there said speed identifying and isolating cases was much more important than the lockdowns of cities. Worldwide, 90% of new cases were outside China. The WHO chief said that S.Korea, Italy, Iran and Japan were of most concern.

porcus 0 months

Lots of rumors and "unofficial" sources claiming that China is cremating the bodies of the infected. Possibly while they are alive (I strongly doubt it). This was reported as an unconfirmed rumor by China Uncensored, so I am not disregarding it entirely. But I would not at all be surprised in the slightest that the CCP is engaging in massive human rights violations over the Wuhan Flu; they do it for a fact on other things.

KOAN. 0 months

Assuming we believe any number coming out of communist China

..... 0 months

1. China is a liar about total number but it does seem to be relatively contained. 2. Wearing masks and quarantine works better than not.

Paul C
Paul C 0 months

Think you are safe from cremation as long as you can still assemble shoes.

FATBINK 0 months

bullshit. they stopped testing and reporting.

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