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Apple letting apps send push notification ads

Apple letting apps send push notification ads

Apple has allowed apps listed within App Store to send ads and other promotions as push notifications, as long as the user authorizes them. The updated guidelines mean users who choose to opt in will see ads show up on their Apple devices alongside text messages and breaking news alerts.

inkogni 7 months

As long as I have consented.. What part of my phone won't work if I didn't consent?

Joe 7 months

Oh boy! I can’t wait to be marketed to some more! Consume!

Minor_Complex 7 months

Who in the hell is going to opt in to have their phone burp ads at them? Who the hell thought this was an idea that would push consumers to buy more apple products? My guess is that the selection will be defaulted to the "yes, send me 57263 ads a day," and of you try to delete it or something it bricks your phone.

..... 7 months

God damn it Apple.... not you too

Given Name 123
Given Name 123 7 months

Nokia 3310, here I come.

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