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’Serious divergences’ between UK and EU in post-Brexit negotiations

’Serious divergences’ between UK and EU in post-Brexit negotiations

In a Thursday press conference following the first round of post-Brexit negotiations between the United Kingdom and European Union, chief EU negotiator Michel Barnier said there are ’serious divergences’ between the UK and the 27-state bloc. UK PM Boris Johnson has said he wants a comprehensive agreement by the end of the one year transition period, and has ruled out seeking an extension.

Ryan M
Ryan M
atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 5 months

EU: "We want your money." UK: "NO!"

Marcus Rogers
Marcus Rogers 5 months

No access to fishery. No equal playing field. No laws. No nothing. You want to trade with us, it's on OUR terms, dont like it? No deal it is then.

AntiBS 5 months

Of course there are. The undemocratic EU political mafia wants to screw the UK as much as they can to prevent anyone else from "defecting" from their dictatorship. They know the truth which is that a lot more countries would leave if the people would be allowed to decide.

Paul N
Paul N 5 months

This is a headline? Really? Why do you think there was a Brexit in the first place. The EU wants to curb stomp every country into being under its Orwellian control. Thank your god some are resisting. The EU project is dead. Thy won’t go out quietly though.

harbringer F
harbringer F 5 months

The EU are playing for time and trying to look as though they are trying to reach an accord. By all means they must appear as though they are not a tariff ridden bloc seeking to cripple competition. Trying to stop people from Europe taking a train to London then buying a car cheap and driving back to the continent is stupid. No one will do that when they can go to Poland or any central/eastern developing country. This is about fortress Europe denying free trade to the world as long as their common economy existed.

DivineDawn 5 months

well color me shocked, shocked I tell you shocked

Just_Saying 5 months

The UK will have double digit unemployment by early 2021, massive fiscal deficits, a shrinking commonwealth of trade partners, and a Scotland on the edge of open revolt ending the UK as we all know it. The USA will be to broke, and unwilling to bail them out of a self inflicted wound of economic idiocy. Why would we help out and lose a tool that will make the UK crumble in our trade deal.

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