Fault long believed to be inactive poses serious threat to San Diego

Fault long believed to be inactive poses serious threat to San Diego

A study released recently shows that a fault-line running through San Diego, which was earlier believed to be inactive, poses a dangerous threat to the region. The Rose Canyon fault was studied by researchers, who tried to predict the effects of a possible magnitude 6.9 earthquake, which could possibly cause liquefaction and landslides.

Marcus Rogers
Marcus Rogers 4 weeks

Fingers cross the whole San Andreas fault goes.

Robert 4 weeks

Ground splitting open, everything is on fire, fucking Black Death in the streets. Ikd, maybe God is trying to tell your something, Cali?

Dawlben 4 weeks

No fault or volcano is truly dormant unless the cause of it is no longer there.

Pedro Rodriguez
Pedro Rodriguez 4 weeks

What else is new?

Pringle Dingle
Pringle Dingle 4 weeks

why the fuck would you think a fault is inactive? no such thing

WWG1WGA 4 weeks

Hopefully during the Oscars the entire state falls into the Ocean many problems would be solved

Craig 4 weeks

hey, let's FRACK that fault... what could happen?

Libertatem Gentibus
Libertatem Gentibus 4 weeks


Aight Bradley
Aight Bradley 4 weeks


Dan 4 weeks

Someone thought it was inactive... whose "fault" was that? Today is my day to make horrible puns.

Better dead than red
Better dead than red 4 weeks

The state just wants to kill itself but people won't let it

Ed Murnaghan
Ed Murnaghan 4 weeks

Yes please!

Dave 4 weeks

So it all goes and it's merged into the San Angeles metroplex!

Blank Stairs
Blank Stairs 4 weeks

San Diego is actually one of the better cities when it comes to some of the bad CA laws. I'll be rooting for a massive San Fransisco quake though. Then they will be forced to take federal help and the city can be rebuilt. Hopefully by someone who knows how to run something. Newsome sure didn't/ isn't doing them any favors.

Max Bants
Max Bants 4 weeks

Corona, Earthquakes and Shit-covered streets, whatever next for the world's most liberal state?

eclipseNF 4 weeks

God wills it

Gaius Octavius
Gaius Octavius 4 weeks

Hey, California, groundbreaking excitement is just a saying. Don't take it so literal...

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