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Covid-19 attacks central nervous system: Beijing hospital

Covid-19 attacks central nervous system: Beijing hospital

According to the Ditan Hospital in Beijing, Coronavirus attacks the central nervous system of patients. The new type of coronavirus pneumonia can result in multi organ damages such as severe respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), kidney damage, and liver damage. A first case for an attack on the nervous system has been reported even though other problems have been reported before.

Tom A
Tom A
Dave 8 months

Someone has been popping the red balloons. But they evolved it too early. It'll never get to Madagascar or Greenland at this rate.

John W
John W 8 months

yet still we have plenty of daily flights from China every day with no quarantine. but great time to visit China cheap. Amid Coronavirus Outbreak, Flights Across China Currently Cost as Little as $13

..... 8 months

Another bad mutation

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