Chinese control over American Drug Supply worries US officials

Chinese control over American Drug Supply worries US officials

According to a leading Chinese economist, the United States of America is worried over the control that China has over the American Drug Supply. The economist gave voice to the fears of US policymakers in March during a speech at an annual national congress.

Scott in FLorida
Scott in FLorida 3 weeks

Are these the same "government officials" that labeled preppers and vets with PTSD as potential terrorist with the DHS? I have to wonder. I live in a place that has serious hurricanes. I take my ability to survive independent and free seriously. The only thing I bought for the Wu Han flu pandemic was some sharpies because some of my labels were not up to standards.

Craig 3 weeks

No one figured that outsourcing was a national security issue... UNTIL NOW??? Who the heck is running this country...halfwhits?

John Wilson
John Wilson 3 weeks

the big pharma hates us so much, they will refuse to even start to make medicine here. they would rather lose money here and wait it out.

axl4r 3 weeks

All articles says "corona virus". Why would one start to call it "Wuhan flu"?

John Wilson
John Wilson 3 weeks

my guess is pharmaceutical companies would rather go broke than produce the drugs in the USA.

Fin 3 weeks

Had Puerto Rico been properly recovered we still would be making meds is the usa..... Instead of tossing em paper towels with a smirk

Tim Baker
Tim Baker 3 weeks

Profits trump everything in big business man. Regular folk like us mean nothing to them. They all live in gated communities far away from average people apart from the help.

..... 3 weeks

Sure thing trump just mentionned America producing is own medicine. In modern times it's about ubiquity not offshoring! Long live America!

Carol 3 weeks

This is what happens when you have a "president" who runs off at the mouth like he has diarrhea about China; staging a panic about Asian people here and abroad!

Crimson Jester
Crimson Jester 3 weeks

Will no d'uh

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 3 weeks

That control was handed over by american/ multinational drug companies with the full blessings of the US government.

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