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Israel’s army drafts Gaza invasion plan

Israel’s army drafts Gaza invasion plan

Israel’s military is drafting a plan for a possible ground operation in Gaza, amid a fierce air offensive with Hamas. A spokesman for the army said details are being drawn up by Gaza Division and Southern Command ready to be presented to Israel’s political leadership for sign off. Additional troops, including infantry and armored brigades, have been moved to areas on the border.

Tetelestai 0 months

I don't blame them. I wouldn't tolerate this either. and be honest, you wouldn't either. that being said, Israel should be held accountable for taking peoples homes from them.

MarcusGundlach 0 months

I hope the invasion to Gaza will come soon, too many lives are lost. The IDF will end this hot war-phase of a War who begun and is initiated by Hamas and their supporters in Iran. Now is the time to bring this Terror-War against Israel to end and establish an new phase of order!

bhp 0 months

They gave up the Gaza strip in 2006 and Hamas immediately took over. Don't blame Israel for taking a damn thing.

Ironic Shitposting
Ironic Shitposting 0 months

Can't wait to see the Zionists defend this one

michael 0 months

Israel does not belong there. It is commiting the same atrocities that brought them to the region decades ago.

JBurg 0 months

I LOVE that Israel’s funding of Hamas has come back and bit them in the rear. See what giving money and weapons to religious extremists does? Sure, you defeated the PLO, but look at the cost.

Deet 0 months

I think this is inevitable. Gaza is a city infested with terrorists that take the civilian population hostage. Vast majority of people in Gaza only wishes to live in peace and give a future to their children. But Hamas is making this impossible

Cameron 0 months

The next episode of "#$&! around and find out" is here!

Neil 0 months

It's always amazing to me how many people think they understand this situation but actually don't.. I guess it's because the history is a little complicated and it would require some actual reading to understand? I commend the few people who clearly did read though, quickly skimming the intro to the subject on Wikipedia, and then distorting it beyond recognition to fit the arbitrary political cult to which they've devoted their blind allegiance. There really is no need to leave your armchair to understand our world.. Reading a book or traveling for example, won't teach you anything that you can't learn online.

Ben 0 months

They’re really about to push the arabs of Palestine into the Jordan Desert. What is wrong with these assholes

Glen 0 months

Hamas is the delivery system for Iran. IRAN is the real enemy here. Not the Palestinians puppets.

Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 0 months

Great idea, let's attaack unarrmed civilians with tanks and assault rifles with total impuniity.

Forsaken 0 months

Wasn't middle east peace one of Trumps big accomplishments?

Barry 0 months

Is this the same fight from the bible? Didn't they just show up and say "god told us this land belongs to us"? I should try they on somebody and see if it works. I mean god is the ultimate owner of the whole planet. If he told me your house belongs to me that's just the way it is. Sorry

Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 0 months

6 million more!

Daniel 0 months

Good! While the terrorists off the face of the map

Patrick 0 months

The Gaza strip should have never happened in the first place. When lines were originally drawn in the sand, that area should have gone to Israel. If the people in the region didn't like it, pack your stuff and go.

BaFbF 0 months

About time.

Delta Jade
Delta Jade 0 months

Why does there have to be war?

eclipseNF 0 months

Small hats

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