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Chicago has found a solution to its rat problem

Chicago has found a solution to its rat problem

Chicago has released more than 1,000 feral cats onto the streets, hoping to end its rat problem. The ’Cats at Work’ program came to light after the city was named as the rattiest city for the sixth consecutive year by pest control company Orkin. The cats are all vaccinated against diseases like rabies, and are far safer than allowing rodents to run rampant, the Tree House Humane Society said.

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 0 months

I guess GOOD GOVERNING wasn't a viable solution. Wait for the YT videos of thugs shooting cats....

NateTheNewt 0 months

They should have just done rat terriers and mink teams. They wouldn't have to worry about the cats killing all the birds in the area

Jacob 0 months

I was driving through Chicago a month ago early in the morning and I saw a rat run across the street that was bigger than a squirrel, those cats are gonna have a tough fight

WarsmithBob 0 months

To all those asking, the humane society setting this up says that all the cats are neutered. Also they have divided the cats up into separate colonies around the city with a designated caretakers, so there is a chance they will be able to keep up with the vaccinations.

coughdrop1989 0 months

Now if only they could release a thousand rats into the ghettos so they would snitch and bring chicagos almost genocidal murder rates down.

Stefnir 0 months

1000 cats now and they'll be a lot more soon. Unless they were all castrated?

michael 0 months

Cats are prolific hunters. Rats aren't going to be the only thing depopulated. Hope they don't have any endangered birds in the area.

Papa Joe
Papa Joe 0 months

Chicago land of the stink. Now it smells like cat piss.

Jake 0 months

I feel like this has been attempted before...If memory serves, it didn't go so great then either.

Jaguar634 0 months

Actually a good idea. All the cats can live at the park and survive from the rats and people feeding them.

Stanley 0 months

If they haven't had the good sense you have the feral cats spayed/neutered before releasing them, they'll release another problem like you wouldn't believe after the cats hunt down the rats and have meanwhile multiplied.

BlunderingFool 0 months

I hope Chicago likes having no birds... what a stupid fucking idea!

yooper 0 months

Cats are cruel by nature, they wound, mame and play with their Food. There will be thousands of wounded animals, angry and even more dangerous to the population. It's an experiment. The biggest problem is whenever people try to resolve an animal issue by introducing a predator, things always go badly.

Sarang 0 months

But the rats have always been there and now the feral cats are going to eradicate them and take their birthplace. Oh wait, sorry, that's Palestine and the Israeli armed forces.

Dave 0 months

Isnt this a plot from Futurama and ends up with Owls everywhere?

TheMadDane 0 months

Let the cat poop commence.

noonespecific 0 months

Hopefully they are all fixed.

Devin 0 months

I think I've seen this Simpsons episode already...

Fishe 0 months

Definitely creative!

Louis S
Louis S 0 months

Have they never heard of the woman who ate a fly? We all know where this will end...

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