’When they hit us we have to hit back’, Trump defends rhetoric

’When they hit us we have to hit back’, Trump defends rhetoric

President Trump on Thursday defended his use of harsh rhetoric. ’When they hit us we have to hit back’, Trump said adding that it wasn’t his way to ’turn the cheek’. He added that it was important for politicians to remain civil, pointing to the Democrats, saying further, ’If they’re not, you have to fight back’.

porcus 4 weeks

I agree with Trump 100% on this. Treat others reciprocally.

Kyle G
Kyle G 4 weeks

This is the number one thing I like about Trump, he is the only conservative that isn’t afraid to punch back and he never backs down. We need more men like him in the conservative movement.

Up 4 weeks

That's called self defense media. Not "calls for violence" as they will inevitably try to spin it.

RJ of Cthulhu
RJ of Cthulhu 4 weeks

Love the fighter!

Hypnotica 4 weeks

Bingo! This is exactly why Trump got elected, because he punches back. The Left doesn't understand that it was their decades of hatred and bigotry that put him in the White House.

Daniel McEwen
Daniel McEwen 4 weeks

They spent three years trying to take him down, possibly in "collusion" with the mostly Leftist media. They've been nothing but disrespectful to him since even before Day 1. What do they expect? It's not like he's outspoken on the best of days.I agree with him here: "You come for me, expect reprisals".

elimination chamber
elimination chamber 4 weeks

just punch the old fucker in the face Trump needs a good ass kicking to be put in his damn place. he single handedly has turn our country I to a mockery with is constant stupidity and not to mention we literally don't know what justice is anymore. ppl where pissed about Clinton and the affair, but they turn a blind eye to trump when he uses bribery with the aid money to get dirt on biden. Trump even admitted in a interview that he sent Rudy over to Ukraine. it's a fox interview also which is funny asf. anyone wanting to deny this is has obviously lost there mind and moral compass. these kind of people should not be allowed to vote.

Jim 4 weeks

He speaks like a man who is confused about “biggly” words...

Anjali 4 weeks

I will agree that ALL should keep civil responses. And unfortunately it’s not always the case. Nor is it easy for a man that is indeed somewhat thin skinned. You can pick the man - I won’t point fingers. I know who I feel is most thin skinned and reactionary.

Tabi's 4 weeks

Right. To turn the other cheek would be „Christian“. And we know how “religious” Trump is.

John 4 weeks

Trumps a bully always been a bully and won't change. Unfortunately he's never been put in his place. If he had been put in his place he might not be the ignorant, arrogant, delusional fool he's turned out to be.

Pedro Rodriguez
Pedro Rodriguez 4 weeks

That's one key reason he got elected was because of this. I may not agree with how many times he pulls 'a stretcher,' but he doesn't take shit from cocky members of the media or their plagiarism.

Crimson Jester
Crimson Jester 4 weeks

I disagree. We should be better than they are, not stoop to the left's tactics. This doesn't mean that the center or right should back down and be door mats.

Jon 4 weeks

BE BEST 😂🤦‍♂️ Someone make the case to me that Trump is a good role model for his wi'e's anti bullying campaign.

Gerald 4 weeks

Fuck yeah!

Jon 4 weeks

But let's censure Schumer

SimonR 4 weeks

Golden Rule. Treat others how you'd like to be treated, then treat them how they've treated you.

The Raven
The Raven 4 weeks

so... it's ok for him to say vile and disgusting things to everyone else, but as soon as he's criticized for being incompetent, again, he cries about it? Bully

Grand Ol Propaganda
Grand Ol Propaganda 4 weeks

We hit back them women! -Spanky Bonespurs

Trumplestiltskinhead 3 weeks

Trump - Never thrown a punch in his life just like all his wussy followers...

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