Trump administration acknowledges coronavirus test shortage

Trump administration acknowledges coronavirus test shortage

The White House acknowledged that the nation does not have enough coronavirus test kits. VP Pence said the administration would not be able to meet its objective of delivering one million testing kits this week. Earlier this week, the FDA Commissioner said close to a million tests would be ready by the end of this week. The US death toll climbed to 12 on Thursday, with the cases surpassing 200.

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 2 months

whoah dude 12 people watch out now.. it's been in country for a few days now. spread across the world within the blink of an eye, and we only have 12 dead here. you should be more afraid of driving down the road, as it's still more dangerous.

DK 2 months


Innerparty 2 months

That's like me acknowledging that Saturn has rings; who cares?

Jon 2 months

Is anyone really surprised? Hes a completely incompetent moron surrounded by sycophants equally incompetent.

Paris Cloud
Paris Cloud 2 months

How do you even go about manufacturing that many tests so quickly in the first place? I'd be more worried about it if we had enough test kits because that would mean someone was expecting it.

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