Pope accepts resignation of cardinal amid sex abuse case

Pope accepts resignation of cardinal amid sex abuse case

Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of French cardinal Philippe Barbarin who had been embroiled in the cover up of a sex abuse case. Barbarin, 69, had offered to resign in March 2019 after he was first convicted and given a six-month suspended sentence for failing to report the accused priest. Francis declined to accept it then, pending the outcome of the appeal.

CoLpOeSnED 2 months

Welp all he needs to do is pray Our Father 100 times and he'll be forgiven- Off to heaven with ya!

Michael Tatom
Michael Tatom 1 months

No “good” comes from homosexuality.

Jon 1 months

Religion needs to just go away.

anthony 1 months

I always believed that it wasn't natural to vow an oath of worship to a religion that forced you to abstain from sexual relations. Imo this has resulted in a tremendous amount of pedophilia, homosexuality and out of wedlock pregnancies by clergy members. And these are the ones we know about.

Pigdog Pirouet
Pigdog Pirouet 1 months

Burn him. Burn them all. Filthy scum.

Crimson Jester
Crimson Jester 1 months

In case no one reads past the headlines... "The Vatican announced Friday that Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of Cardinal Philippe Barbarin as archbishop of Lyon after his recent acquittal at the conclusion of his appeal of a 2019 conviction of failing to report abuse." Oh wait acquittal means he isn't guilty right?

michael 1 months

ALL churches need to investigate their members commiting pedophilia. if you don't protect the children, you don't deserve to indoctrinate them. in fact, how about we ban the teaching of religion to humans under the age of eight. it's a huge detriment to their learning of science if they have the misfortune to be born into a fundamentalist creationist religion.

Batman of Clownworld
Batman of Clownworld 1 months

To clarify, religion isn't the problem here accountability is. An offender of this kind will find anyway he can to obtain victims. He would become a teacher, coach, or even just go as far as just kidnapping one. It isn't as religion is the only place this happens as for the number that does this take into account Christianity alone has 2.18 BILLION people. So some of those people going to be lieing to get something out of the other larger group of people there in good faith and it isn't as if people only started lieing to get something just because religion was invented or discovered however you look at it. Whole blaming one thing for a problem is little simple minded. The human mind is far more complex the x = y problem solving. Though I do believe the catholic church; infact all religious organizations, needs ALOT of top, kick that pope out, to bottom restructuring and accountability.

Gary Bea
Gary Bea 1 months

Here's a list of convicted paedophiles in the churches. This page is just surnames beginning with A. http://bishop-accountability.org/priestdb/PriestDBbylastName-A.html

The Raven
The Raven 1 months

I'm starting to think Abrahamism was invented so rich people could safely molest children.

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 1 months

excommunicate and anathema him

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